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Five Schitt’s Creek Scenes You Must Watch (AKA Your Mini Therapy Sesh)

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Had a Schitty Day? Or maybe it’s the lack of Schitt’s Creek in your day that has you down? A little Dan Levy as David Rose is Simply The Best way to fix all that. I’ve put together the perfect 7 1/2 minutes of Schitt’s Creek videos that I like to call my Dan Levy Therapy Playlist- and it needs to be celebrated.  If you don’t watch the show yet, this playlist will show you just why you need to start! Warning: potential spoilers ahead. Five Schitt’s Creek Scenes You Must Watch (AKA Your Mini Therapy Sesh).

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Photo: CBC Media Center

Who Is Dan Levy And Why Do We Love Him?

This is Dan Levy who- by decree of the internet- is pretty much the most perfect creature you will ever meet online.

Or maybe meet in person if you are super lucky and make it to one of the Schitt’s Creek Up Close and Personal or Live Events. 

According to his official bio on CBC:

Daniel Levy is a showrunner, writer, director, producer, and actor, best known for his work on one of the most inventive shows on television, SCHITT’S CREEK, which he co-created with his father Eugene Levy.

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Which is all awesome and amazing, but left out V important adjectives like perfect, wonderful, inspiring, and funny as hell. We absolutely adore Dan and what he’s done with this show, especially when it comes to teaching us to love out loud.

If you haven’t seen the show yet, here’s about a zillion reasons why you should watch Schitt’s Creek and why we fangirl the show (and Dan Levy) so much around here. 



If you're walking around sharing Schitt's Creek quotes - especially ones from David- you might be a big ol' fan of the show! Need the best 7 1/2 minutes of Seasons 1-4 at your fingertips? Of course you do. Perfect for when you need a funny meme or GIF from Dan Levy to brighten your day.

Five Schitt’s Creek Scenes You Must Watch (AKA Your Mini Therapy Sesh)

I’m just covering Seasons 1-4 because – this is no lie- I’m holding off on watching Season 5 for a bit.

Because I love spoilers (yeah, I’m a weirdo) I know what’s coming and I just need to keep that promise of wonderful out there in the universe for a bit longer. 

Until then, I’m rewatching the first four seasons of the show like it’s my job – hey, it IS my job– so that works out for me. Sorry, kiddos, mama’s watching her show. Again. 

PS this is basically the most GIFable show EVER.

Potential spoilers start here- mostly looking at you, my American friends since this show is “new” to all of us.

1. Schitt’s Creek Season 2 Finale: The Anniversary Dance

The first scene you’ll want to queue up if you need a little light, love, and family in your life is the anniversary dance. It comes at the very end of the Season 2 finale and it perfectly sums up what family is all about.

Eyerolls and I love yous and sister twirling her big brother on the dance floor AND IT IS EVERYTHING. 

You can watch the whole thing- you will not be sorry!- but the moment I fast forward to starts at 2:25 when Moira and Johnny crash the barn party. 


90 seconds of WONDERFUL. 

2. Open Mic Night: Simply The Best

David is totally freaking out because- wait, what, his boyfriend is singing to him?

In public? Eww…

… turns into awwwwww within the first notes. 

I dare you not to love every second of this scene and their connection. When I’m not having a good day, I queue this up just to hear Noah Reid’s butter voice. #Swoon

There are about 30 seconds of ads to get through, but trust me, this is worth it! 


Full thing- you just have to watch this at least once all the way through. But I suggest watching it like 8 million times. 

Because it’s Simply the Best. 

3. The Olive Branch

David messed up, Patrick asks for an Olive Branch to make up for it. 

And he delivers in a very sweet and loving and hugely embarrassing way. 


What makes me love this scene so much is how intimate and loving it is, but in a very “find the dork you can be a big goofball with and never let them go” kind of way. 


4. The Mariah Carey Moment

Patrick- the one in this relationship who was in the closet until he met David- is also the one who isn’t afraid to show who he is when it comes to love. Talk about knowing love when he saw it. 

This sweetest moment ever (part 2!) from Patrick shows just how clearly he sees David for all that he is.

Mariah Carey stan and all. 

You know the drill, watch the whole clip, but the moments that make me weepy are from 1:18 to 2:26.


5. The Perfect Moment

The perfect moment is perfect- especially when David realizes he forgot something. I die- and I think it might be my favorite version of the word ever used in my lifetime (bleeped out here, but rhymes with duck)

I. Love. This. SHOW! 


Total time invested in taking a selfish and enjoying David Rose loving out loud? About 7 and a half minutes of therapy via Dan Levy and his brilliant David Rose. 

Feel better?

I know I do! 

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