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The Daily(ish) Fangirl

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New podcast episodes are produced every Monday and Thursday. Mondays: you get the Monday Movie Minute Reviews. Thursdays: we fangirl whatever is on our minds that week. It could be an actor, a movie, a TV series, an experience… the options are endless. But sometimes The Fangirl wants to share something that’s on her mind, and that’s where the Daily(ish) Fangirl episodes happen on The No-Guilt Fangirl Podcast. This is the archive of those episodes. 

What Is The Daily(ish) Fangirl?

It’s… well, it’s complicated. 

Its an episode that’s short and sweet, probably time-sensitive, and maybe not even all that important. 

They’re meant to be light and fun and something that’s just in the moment. In other words: don’t take these too seriously!

Where Can You Find the No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast?

Want to join us? Here’s where you can find the No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast- besides here, of course. 

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