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The Making of a New Star Wars Fangirl

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Look: you either love Star Wars or you’re wrong. At least, that’s how I’ve always looked at it. Until I met Jane- who honestly never experienced the Star Wars movies growing up. (gasp!) That all changed when she finally took a deep dive into the Star Wars movies as an adult and found herself a new Star Wars Fangirl. And a new boyfriend in Darth Vader. Ahem. She’s my guest on this week’s No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast: The Making of a New Star Wars Fangirl. 


If you know me, you know one central fact about me: I’m a lover of pretty much all things Disney and the Disney Parks. Which makes today a pretty big deal in my world because Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens TODAY at Disneyland. 

I had to talk to my friend and new Star Wars Fangirl, Jane, about how she came around to the fandom. 


Jane new star wars fangirl

I mean, we’re we all born wearing Star Wars onesies and pretending we were Han, Luke or Leia?  Apparently: not all of us!



Hear how Jane became a Star Wars Fangirl later in life. 

And how much we’re both looking forward to exploring Batuu when Galaxy’s Edge opens this summer at Walt Disney World!

Also: if you need to catch up on your Star Wars movie marathon, I’ve got a list of Star Wars Movies in order to help you decide how to best watch them. As Jane recommends in the podcast: find the option that works for you! 

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