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Which Cast Member Already Embraces the Think Like a Dog Mentality?

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to Think Like a Dog? Writer and director Gil Junger took that idea and made a lovely family film based on this premise. We interviewed Junger, Gabriel Bateman (who plays Oliver), and dog trainer Sarah Clifford about the movie. And we found out which cast member embraces the whole think like a dog mentality. Affiliate links are included in this post. 

Think like a dog interviews

What’s Think Like a Dog About?

Josh Duhamel and Megan Fox star in this whimsical family comedy about a boy and his dog, and a science project that will change all of their lives forever. 

Think Like a Dog follows 12-year-old Oliver, a tech prodigy whose middle-school science fair experiment goes awry, creating a telepathic connection between him and his furry friend, Henry.

The bond brings Oliver and Henry even closer as they join forces to comically overcome complications at school, and help Oliver’s parents rekindle their marriage along the way.

Rated: PG

Think Like a Dog Interviews With Gil Junger, Gabriel Bateman, and Dog Trainer Sarah Clifford

Any interview that allows me to also “interview” a canine friend is one I simply cannot pass up!

Especially when this movie was so heartwarming and delightful. Truly: if you haven’t had a chance to buy this DVD, make the time!

With so few family-friendly options out there this summer, Think Like a Dog will stand out. 

think like a dog gabriel and henry

And after spending time on the set of Lady and The Tramp, I knew there would be some good tips coming from dog trainer Sarah Clifford.

We were not disappointed when she showed up with the main dog actor in the latest Lionsgate film, think Like a Dog. 

This two-part interview features the writer and director Gil Junger (who also brought us 10 Things I Hate About You, Gen Xers!), Gabriel Bateman (playing Oliver in the film), and Sarah Clifford with “Henry.”

There’s a lot of heart in this movie, and passion in this project- something that I think comes through from the creators and stars of the movie. 

think like a dog gabriel and henry

And Gil calls out my spotless kitchen- which, I had to admit- was a Zoom background because y’all my life is a hot mess! Ha! 

So be sure to watch for that low-key humiliation on my part. 

Interview Part 1 With Sarah Clifford, Dog Trainer

Interview Part 2 with Gil Junger, Gabriel Bateman, and Sarah Clifford

Want to know which cast member already thinks like a dog? I sure did!

I had a guess- no background as to why I thought this since I’ve never met this actor- but it turns out I was right! 

You’ll find that question around minute 42 of this interview (also where I get to confess to my Zoom Kitchen). Look, I’m a professional, I swear!

Enjoy this super fun interview and be sure you watch this movie with your family this week. 


Think Like a Dog is available for digital download and DVD and Blu-ray now.

You might also want to hop over and download this kids’ science experiment inspired by the movie! 

think like a dog on DVD

Sharing is caring!

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