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We Live On Batuu: Fangirling Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

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I listened to a bunch of podcasts about the opening of Galaxy’s Edge and was hitting the same logistics-sharing type of content. It was good- but not what I wanted. How did it make people FEEL was what I wanted to know. Here’s a 4-part mini-series on the No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast called We Live On Batuu: Fangirling Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Til the Spires!

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Look, guys, I’m already all in when it comes to Disney and Disney parks. If you didn’t know that about me within 5 minutes of meeting me, I’m guessing I was having a bad day. That’s one fandom I don’t even try to hide anymore!

Creating a Star Wars land has been on my “why doesn’t this exist yet?” list of questions for Disney for years. 

So to say I’m excited about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is an understatement. Extreme understatement. I’ve been obsessing over this new land at Disney for the past month and I just needed to talk about it with someone!

fangirling star wars galaxys edge podcast

We Live On Batuu: Fangirling Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Meet Amiyrah, Mindy, Nicole, Linzie and Ivie. They are Batuu residents and each has their own unique story about how Galaxy’s Edge affected them. 

And I’ll admit: this is 100% selfish on my part. I’m not going until August but the wait is killllliinnngg me. So while I wait, I devour anything and everything about this land and what to expect. 

Join me and 5 inspiring guests as we fangirl (and fanboy!) all the feelings that Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is creating. 

‘Til the Spires!


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mindy marzec cosplaying rey at star wars galaxys edge



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ivie galaxys edge merchandise

linzie galaxys edge


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In a galaxy far, far away, of course!

We do love Star Wars around here- and obvi, Disney. If you do too, then come join the fun.

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