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When Can You Pee During Hamilton?

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The Broadway hit, Hamilton, is now streaming on Disney+. And you do not want to pause this show- even for a bathroom break! So when can you pee during Hamilton? And when you’re done, don’t forget to hit up the best quotes from Hamilton the movie. ps- peep these hilarious Hamilton memes too!

when can you pee during hamilton

While you’d never dream of getting up and leaving during a theatrical performance, you might be tempted to hit pause when watching Hamilton to run to the bathroom. 


And that’s coming from the world’s smallest bladder. 

This show has a flow that you won’t want to interrupt- even for a super quick bathroom break. 

King George hamilton safe for kids

So When Can You Pee During Hamilton?

I know we’re not watching movies in the theaters right now- not just yet anyway. 

But it is still important information to know when watching a movie: when can you run out and pee?

Especially when watching the epicness that is Hamilton, the movie. 

Disney Plus made it real easy on us: there’s an intermission in the movie, just like there’s one in the theater. 

Lafayette - when can you pee during Hamilton Intermission

Is There an Intermission in Hamilton on Disney Plus?

We’re not actually in the Richard Rodgers Theater, but the movie version of Hamilton on Disney+ built-in an intermission for us anyway!

At 1:15 into the movie, you get a 60-second intermission. 

Which, of course, you can extend if you need to- but this is when I’d suggest you go, run and pee during Hamilton. 

You won’t interrupt the musical pacing if you wait until this moment to go ahead and hit pause. 

aaron Burr intermission in hamilton go run pee

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