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When Can You Pee During Spies in Disguise?

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Spies in Disguise is something my kids have been begging to see. The problem is? Little kids can’t always make it through a movie if it’s longer than 90 minutes. And Spies in Disguise runs for 1 hour 42 minutes. If you need to know when you can go, here’s a list of moments when can you pee during Spies in Disguise. 

Spies in Disguise quotes from the movie

We head to the movies on Christmas day like a lot of families. And this year, our movie of choice was Spies in Disguise. 

Is Spies in Disguise safe for kids? The parent movie review will help you decide.

But this post is vital: if you plan on taking young kids, you need to know when you can pee during Spies in Disguise. 

What’s Spies in Disguise About?

Spy Lance Sterling (Will Smith) and brilliant scientist Walter Beckett (Tom Holland) are total opposites in pretty much every way. Except that they work for the same super-spy agency, they’d probably never have met. Where Lance is smooth, suave and debonair, Walter is…not. But events transpire that require this odd couple to team up for a mission to save the world. The only problem? It requires Lance to go undercover as a pigeon. Yup, a pigeon. 

Rated: PG

Spies in Disguise movie quotes movie poster Is spies in disguise safe for kids?

When Can You Pee During Spies in Disguise?

This movie has a ton of action and a lot of heart- plus so many great Spies in Disguise movie quotes– I don’t want you to miss any of it!

But I’m also a mom and I know sometimes the little ones need to go- and go nowwww! 

If you can put them off until the following moments to make the bathroom run during Spies in Disguise, you won’t miss too many plot points or special moments. 

when can you pee during spies in disguise?

Here’s when I think parents can take kids to pee during Spies in Disguise:

  • 22 minutes when Sterling is in his car
  • 36 minutes when they are on the private jet
  • 50 minutes after the Serious String incident
  • 1:08 minutes after Lance is back in human form

I wouldn’t leave after the 1-hour mark unless you really need to, but hey, sometimes you just do!

Are There Any End-Credit Scenes In Spies in Disguise?

There are no end or mid-credit scenes in Spies in Disguise. 

There’s a tiny very end credit nod to computer games from the 80s- but I wouldn’t call it an end credit scene. 

This is another great time to run and pee as soon as the credits start. You’ll miss some great music and artwork, but hey, sometimes choices have to be made! 

When can you pee during Spies in Disguise? Parents need to know!

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