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Who Died During The Battle Of Winterfell

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A girl has no name but now she’s a straight-up hero. I didn’t see that ending coming- and I’m guessing neither did the Night King. A quick recap of who died during The Battle of Winterfell from The Game of Thrones.


arya stark


I started this journey to the Iron Thrones with the books years ago- Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin. I don’t even know who told me to read them or how I picked one up initially, but I was hooked from the first chapter.

And yes, I’m still waiting for that next book. 

When I realized that HBO was making the series, you know this fangirl was all in.

I’m not quite Leslie Jones level obsessed, and I feel like skipping the Red Wedding was imperative to my mental health (I’d already lived it through the books so don’t @ me- it doesn’t make me less of a fan!). 



I have no guilt over doing what I knew I had to! I cannot handle that episode- of that I am sure. 

So here we are, starting up the 8th season, and I can’t believe we’re finally going to have peace in the 7 Kingdoms. At least, I am assuming that’s what happens in the end when someone finally takes the Iron Throne (or keeps it? Gah, no, not Cersei!) and the matter is finally settled. 

Tonight, however, the Iron Throne was set aside as most of the land fought one common and very bad enemy in the Night King. And holy crap guys, I could hardly keep up with what I was seeing. 


*Spoilers* Game of Thrones Battle Of Winterfell

As you can guess, spoilers are here- so if this is not your jam, then close on out and maybe go see when you can pee during Avengers: Endgame

I mean, you’ve been warned!

battle of winterfell

Who Died in the Battle of Winterfell

There were 82 whopping minutes of this episode, so as you can imagine, the death count was staggering. 

At one point I said to my husband that I expected a few to die, but not ALL of them. Because it was looking pretty grave there for most of the show.

Grave- get it? Ba-dum-bum!

That did not happen, thankfully, but some casualties definitely happened. Here’s a list of who died at the battle of Winterfell. 

  • Dolorous Edd (Commander of the Night’s Watch). Saved Sam, but got it right in the back as a result of helping his brother. 
  • Lyanna Mormont. I did not want this one to happen, but she had a hero’s death. Lady of her people and giant slayer. Whoa- all that packed into a tiny 10-year-old frame!
  • Beric Dondarrion, the Lightning Lord. After many, many, many of his own deaths… this one finally stuck. But he goes out helping the Hound help Arya.
  • Theon Greyjoy. When he volunteered to protect Bran, we knew he signed his death certificate. Bran said it best: Theon was a good man. 
  • Jorah Mormont. I won’t pretend otherwise: this one got to me. Jorah, the ever-loyal servant to Dany saved her and then died for her. 
  • Melisandre. I honestly thought she was already dead? I’ll have to rewatch to see where I went wrong there! She helped with fire swords and trench lighting and rallying Arya. A true hero of the Battle of Winterfell. 

And finally: one last death. 



night king


Y’all, this was a beautiful thing. Arya flying out of the darkness, the Night King grabbing her by her neck, she drops her knife to her lower hand- and BOOM. 

I did the whole fist pump whooping and hollering thing on the couch.


So who’s going to win the Iron Throne? What’s your thought? I’m Team Anyone But Cersei so I’ll be happy as long as she gets hers in the end.  

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