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Will Travis Kelce Go The Grammys: Swifties, Here Are The Deets You Need To Know!

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Alright, fellow Swifties and NFL fangirls and guys: time to get down to business and discuss what’s on all our minds. Will Travis Kelce go to the Grammys on February 4, 2024, to support his 6-time nominated girlfriend, Taylor Swift? Here are THREE reasons why he WON’T be attending the award show and ONE reason why he could!

TNT: Travis and Taylor Love Story

At this point, unless you’ve lived in a cave for the past six months, you know the Taylor and Travis love story.

It’s a tale straight out of BookTok that has romantics and longtime fans of the singer swooning practically every week.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Dating Timeline

This basic and early timeline is a general sketch of what we know and have had confirmed publicly by their reps or themselves. (If you know all this, feel free to scroll on past but it felt needed for anyone fairly new to the romance!)

Are their clowning theories and fanfic alternative dates and stories? Of course, there are.

We’re Swifties, its what we do! And I’ll write up a post with some of those *just for funsies* if you are interested.

taylor and travis kissing

But for now, here’s the early timeline of what has been confirmed by the pair and public appearances:

  • Travis attends the Eras Tour concert Night 2 in Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium (July 8, 2023).
    He’s seen trading friendship bracelets with fans on the way into his suite, and we see pictures of him and Patrick Mahomes enjoying the show.
  • July 26, 2023, Jason Kelce asks his brother what he’s been up to lately, and Travis says he went to the Eras Tour. He admits he made a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it and wanted to give it to Taylor- but was denied access to the singer.
  • September 21, 2023, on the Pat McAfee show, Travis discusses the potential relationship. “I threw the ball in her court. I told her, I’ve seen you rock a stage in Arrowhead and you might have to come see me rock the stage at Arrowhead,” he said. “We’ll see what happens in the near future.”
  • Sunday, September 24, 2023. WE WON, Y’ALL. Who can forget the moment when Taylor Swift showed up at Arrowhead Stadium with Travis’ family and friends to watch the Chiefs game against the Chicago Bears. They rode off together in the “Getaway Car” at the end of the game and the NFL was changed forever.
Here's our Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce relationship timeline

To date, Taylor has attended 12 Chiefs games around the country, and Travis has been to two Eras Tour concerts (July in Kansas City and November in Argentina- “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me!”).

There’s been a lot of travel and long-distance involved due to their demanding work and empire-building schedules. It’s hard work to become the number 1 tight end in the country and the number 1 recording artist in the world (duh!).

Many Swifties are asking if it’s time for Travis to return the favor by publicly attending one of Taylor’s biggest nights of the year.

Will Travis Kelce be at the Grammys? Here are 3 reasons why he will NOT be at the Grammys with ONE reason why there’s still a chance he could attend.

Photo via Michelle Riddle

Travis Kelce’s NFL Schedule Explained

A lot of Swifties are new to the NFL and don’t quite understand the schedule just yet. Here’s a breakdown of the weekly schedule during the regular season:

  • Monday: meetings and film from the previous day’s games
  • Tuesdays: players have the day off
  • Wednesday-Friday: practice resumes for players
  • Saturday: walk through practices and meetings; travel as a team if going to an away game. If a home game, players stay in the team hotel overnight (yes, this is a thing, no, I don’t know exactly why. Keep players focused, maybe?)
  • Sunday: game day (unless the team has a Monday Night Football or Thursday Night Football spot that week). Teams generally fly straight back to their home city after the game as a team. Individuals do not travel on their own.

Reasons Why Travis Kelce Will NOT Be At The Grammys

  1. The Pro Bowl is the same night as the Grammys – and it’s happening in Florida. This may sound like the biggest reason why Travis wouldn’t be at the Grammys but it’s actually not. I’ll explain. Kelce was picked as part of the 2023 AFC Pro Bowl team and could attend Pro Bowl happenings in Orlando. Will he? History says no. Most players who make the Super Bowl skip the Pro Bowl to concentrate on the biggest game of the year. Could Travis still attend? It’s possible but not really likely. His coaches could allow him to head to Florida for the experience, especially if this is the last time he could attend the Pro Bowl with his brother, rumored to be retiring Jason Kelce, who was also chosen. But I don’t think he goes to this one (and I also secretly don’t think Jason is retiring just yet!).
  2. Team travel to Las Vegas is scheduled for Sunday or Monday morning. Teams travel together to their away games, and the Las Vegas Super Bowl wouldn’t be different. There are exceptions, of course, and those exceptions lie ultimately with head coach Andy Reid. Unless Coach Reid allows Travis to fly in on his own (which— could happen? But again isn’t likely…) expect to see Killatrav stepping off the plane in Vegas with the rest of his teammates.
  3. Taylor Swift has never walked a red carpet with a significant other or partner. Ever. Much has been made of this and I won’t speculate as to why. There hasn’t been a public answer from Taylor that I know of, but up until now, she has made the choice to walk carpets solo. She does her own thing at her big events- and what a queen for that! Could we see a red carpet debut from the pair in the future? I desperately want to see them at an awards show because the energy created by these two would be off the charts. But I’m a patient Swiftie and can wait a bit longer. …Are You Ready For It? My sincere hope is to see them slay the Met Gala red carpet on May 6, 2024. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE DRAMA OF THIS MOMENT? Friends, I fear we may never recover if that is our first TNT red carpet moment.
will travis kelce go to the grammys to support Taylor Swift?

One Reason Why Travis Kelce Could Attend The Grammys

So that’s 3 reasons why Travis will not be at the show, and, hey, those are pretty good reasons.

I’d say the likelihood of him appearing in Los Angeles at the Grammys is very slim now that the Super Bowl is on the line. I’d give it a 1% chance that we see him there based on how locked in and focused he is about winning the next game.

He takes his job seriously and nothing is as serious to the Chiefs as another Super Bowl win.

But 1% is still a chance, amirite? And, honestly, no one expected Taylor to be on the field at the AFC Championship game either.

So why do I think Kelce *could* be at the Grammys?

Because based on the schedule of events for the Super Bowl, he physically could make an appearance if his coaches gave approval. With a private jet, a Vegas to LA run would be a minor blip in time.

So it’s possible- even if not probable- that he could make the event. That’s my delulu stance on the subject, anyway.

will travis kelce go to the grammys? only if coach reid says he can. Andy Reid pointing to Taylor Swift in the audience.
Photo via Jeff Darlington

And this man is in love with our girl. If you were doubting, please get your eyes checked at your nearest Lens Crafters ASAP and go watch the videos from the AFC Championship game again.

They left no questions when they embraced and swapped “I love yous” post-game for all the world to see. Its precious and we love this for them.

Listen, I don’t know Travis, but it seems clear that he loves big and loudly. He’d probably love nothing more than to return the favor and show up to support her on her big night.

Alas… the timing just may not work for this one.

So will Travis Kelce go to the Grammys? Swifties, don’t count on it, no matter how much he’d probably love to!

will travis kelce go to the grammys? hugging taylor swift with tears in his eyes at the AFC championship game.

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