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Season 4 Review: You’re A Marshmallow, Veronica Mars

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   A Long Time Ago, We Used To Be Friends… and big ol’ Veronica Mars Fangirls. Veronica Mars season 4 is streaming on Hulu NOW and if you haven’t seen this show, well, we’re going to do out best to convince you to get on board. Listen to the first No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast Episode: You’re A Marshmallow, Veronica Mars. And We Are Too and follow that up with the Veronica Mars Season 4 Review: Hey Rob Thomas, We Used To Be Friends.


There are two podcast episodes here: one to introduce you to the Veronica Mars fandom and one to rehash and review Veronica Mars Season 4. 

You’re A Marshmallow, Veronica Mars. And We Are Too.

I love Tania, I love Theresa. And the beginnings of these friendships came from Twitter banter about Veronica Mars (and light stalking on my part). Hey, not everything on Twitter is bad!

Meet Tania and Theresa: two big ol’ Veronica Mars Fangirls – and I’m guessing Mickey is too, but I did not get that confirmed at the time of this photo. 

Veronica Mars fangirls aka marshmallows

They love Kristen Bell – I mean, who doesn’t?- and her classic character from the 2004 series.

And they came on the podcast today to fangirl over Veronica Mars with me. 

The No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast Veronica Mars Episode

We cover the movie, the books, the series and the fact that Hulu is dropping Season 4 on July 26, 2019. 

Also some parental info so you can decide if Veronica Mars is kid-friendly.

If you haven’t seen the show, this IS your next binge series— and goooo… now! The first three seasons of Veronica Mars drop on Hulu on July 1. 

Order the DVDs from Amazon if you can’t wait for Hulu. Affiliate link for you to buy the Veronica Mars DVDs is right here! 

And give Tania and Theresa some love.

You can find Tania at and @lolalambchops on Twitter. Theresa is at and @gertiethedino on Twitter.

You’ll also want to check out this post for all the Veronica Mars cameos (before they were stars in some cases!) It’s kinda mindblowing who was on this show before they became household names.

Spoiler: Everyone. Everyone was on this show.

paris hilton veronica mars cameo

Veronica Mars Season 4 Review: Hey Rob Thomas, We Used To Be Friends

Marshmallows, we gotta talk about Season 4. Because we’re not sure we’re still friends with Rob Thomas after what just went down in Veronica Mars. 

Tania and Theresa are back to pick up the discussion from our first Veronica Mars show. 

And what did we think about Season 4?


Welp. We have feelings about how this whole thing blew up. Badumbum. 

Where You Can Find The No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast

Because a long time ago, we used to be friends. And I want to be your friend and want you to be mine. Sounds cool, right? Right!

I’d love it if you’d subscribe, review and throw some of those 5-stars up there! Help other fangirls like YOU find the podcast- it’s no fun fangirling on your own, amirite?

Speaking of: we’ve got a No-Guilt Fangirls Facebook group too. We’re cool, and if you’re cool with being cool, then come hang out with the cool kids!

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