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Fangirling Some Good News: A Zoom Singalong From the Hamilton Cast

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One of the best things to come out of this whole new world we’re experiencing has been the “at home” versions of the late night talk shows. A new talk show has emerged as the handsdown winner for fangirls and guys everywhere: John Krasinski’s Some Good News. And this week he unlocked one fangirl’s dream when the entire cast of Hamilton showed up to sing a song together. 

Some Good News Logo

Fangirling Some Good News YouTube Series

I try to keep my fangirl jealousy to a minimum, but sometimes it’s HARD, y’all. 

Especially when it comes to John Krasinski, star of one of my most favorite shows ever, The Office.

When he kicked off his own talk show last week- from home, of course- I was smitten. The whole thing is just precious, beginning with the logo his kiddos helped create. 


Last week he had Steve Carell on the show and I wasn’t sure he could top that. 

But Lin-Manuel Miranda said hold my history… ’cause this week he popped in to say hi to his Mary Poppins Returns costar, Emily Blunt. Who happens to be married to John- and is just as adorable as he is. 

Oh, and to the delight of a young guest on the show, Lin brought some friends along. 


Serious fangirl goals right here. 

Hamilton cast on some good news network

Fangirl Achievement Unlocked: A Zoom Singalong From the Hamilton Cast

This is a show you’ve got to see yourself, and fall in love with along with me. So go ahead and scroll to the bottom to just get to the video if you need to. 

But the set up was almost all I needed.

A young fan named Aubrey had to miss her Hamilton performance because of the virus and recent closures, but she was making do with Mary Poppins Returns in its place. 


Some Good News John Krasinksi tweet

John brings Aubrey on to his show, and surprises the Non-Office Fan (gasp!) with a special assist from Mary Poppins herself.

And then there’s a Zoom-bomb to end all Zoom-bombs everrrr when Lin-Manuel and the cast of Hamilton appears. 

Girl, yes. 

Some good news surprises Aubrey with Lin Manuel Miranda and Hamilton

Some good news, indeed! 

Aubrey: you are all of us. And this was such a precious reaction when Lin joined the chat. 

She pretty much stays this way through the entire song as cast member after cast member pops in.

I even spied Jonathan Groff singing along in there and swooned just a tad. Because the Groffsauce fangirling is so real, y’all. 

Give it a watch: you will not be sorry you did!

Happy Monday, and here’s to more of the Some Good News network. 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.